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The Process


The Way Its Done!


We work with you in designing the flow and function, the look and feel of your App. Ensuring the best user experience.

Build the App

Our qualified team will build and program the app, all the while vigorously testing

Publish the App

Once approved, we will submit your app on both the Apple App store and Google Play, and maintain them with regular updates.

Promote Your App

Let your customers know they can install and access your app right from their mobile device and/or tablet.


Our apps

York Region Student Tools

All student tools in one for York Region Secondary School students


Discover halal restaurants near you and around the world


For members of the Jaffari Community Centre and the Masumeen Islamic Centre

Jaffari Hockey League

Check scores, stats, standings, and schedule for JHL members


In house product management and tracking tool


View Topics That Effect the World and How People Feel About Them

Σ Spiral Sum

Challenge your math skills through this fun and addictive game

Ω Resist Pro

Challenge your friends and see who has the quickest reaction time

Ω Resist

Challenge your friends and see who has the quickest reaction time


View your child's attendance/performance for Darsa program at JCC


Keep up to date on events and whats happening at As-Sadiq Islamic School


For all Bill Crothers Secondary School staff and students


Richmond Hill Lightning U12P fitness tracking

Mood Scanner Plus

Scan your thumb to discover your MOOD!


Make your way through each wave by dodging between walls

Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock your screen with the fingerprint unlock app!

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